Sea Swimming – Good for the Soul?

I’m Denise. As a regular sea swimmer I was interested to note that the Sussex Recovery College ( has been running a course on ‘Sea Swimming for Recovery and Wellbeing, suggesting that “nature and the elements can have a positive impact on our wellbeing.”

My own experience of sea swimming supports this statement, as it has been very positive. Swimming in the sea brings me in touch with my senses – the sheer cold as I get in, the movement as I swim…and then the sense of peace as my focus switches to my surroundings including the view of the sky, sea-birds and water. I find myself ‘in the moment’ and my thoughts and worries because less of a focus; slightly ‘tuned-out’.

An organised course is a good way to start sea swimming, as there is a strong tidal pull in Brighton and its currents can be challenging.


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