Chronic Illness, Pain & Fatigue

‘Chronic illness’ means living with ‘debilitating symptoms that persist for a long time.’ Chronic illnesses are not generally prevented or cured by medication and won’t just ‘disappear.’ This makes living with them an endurance test and, as a result, chronic illnesses often take a psychological toll, potentially leaving us with low mood, confidence and energy; fatigue, frustration or depression – even anxiety or anger.

Kernel Counsellors understand how tough it can be to function (and stay optimistic) when you live with pain, debilitation and fatigue. We realise, too, that physical issues can impact on relationships, family, work and everyday life. Occasionally others really don’t understand what you’re going through, even when they try to empathise. Sometimes, you may get the feeling they are bored or ‘over’ hearing about it, or simply expect you to get or be “better.”

If you’re feeling under-supported and misunderstood or would like to explore the impact poor physical health is having on your mental health, we think counselling can help (it certainly helped me cope with the relentlessness of pain – Jess.) So whether you live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or M.E, Arthritis, Chrons, Colitis, Diabetes, M.S, Epilepsy or anything else, by all means get in touch for an absolutely ‘no-obligation’ initial session to talk things through and see how we might be able to help.