Adoption and Fostering

The writer Jackie Kay once described the experience of Adoption, for her, as perpetually “having a ‘windy’ place in your soul.”

Whether you are an adult who was adopted or fostered, the parent of adopted or fostered children, or are simply considering alternative parenting options, the emotional issues surrounding this process can be lifelong and deeply affecting.

Many adopted people face an ongoing struggle with complex feelings well into adult lives. The feelings we hear about as counsellors include those of rejection and anger, low self-esteem, anxiety, resentment, confusion and guilt. Some people may have experienced a culture of secrecy or shame within family life, or find issues around attachment and intimacy continue to affect them in the long-term.

While many outcomes of adoption and fostering are positive, questions and uncertainties may remain, leading to mixed or complicated feelings about Self, Identity and Relationships. The legacy of adoption and fostering is complex.

Though based in central Brighton, Kernel Counselling and Psychotherapy sees people from all over Sussex, dealing with a wide range of issues. If you are trying to make sense of difficult feelings associated with adoption and fostering, please contact us.

NB: To make it easier for people to access our therapeutic services, Kernel Counselling offers Face-to-Face, Online and Skype sessions.