On a spectrum from ‘low mood’ to ‘absolutely debilitated,’ Depression is known as ‘The Black Dog’ – a shadowy sense of doom that stays with you. Dark feelings of Depression can result in pervasive low mood or a sense of hopelessness that makes it hard to contemplate wellbeing or joy. Though we may become skilled at hiding our feelings this bleakness affects many of us, often in response to difficult experiences such as job loss, break-up or bereavement.
A sense of worthlessness or hopelessness can also develop over time, resulting in feelings of despair, increasing isolation, lack of motivation, exhaustion and negative thinking. The difficulty of living with these symptoms can even lead to suicidal feelings.
In this state, in can be hard to get perspective on what might help you to feel better – and dealing with Depression on your own can feel overwhelming.
Yet help is available. A trusting and confidential therapeutic relationship offers genuine support to help you cope. In a safe space, your counsellor will help you explore and challenge difficult thoughts and work with oppressive feelings. Over time, counselling can help you explore not just why you feel like this but also facilitate an understanding of your options and alternatives in life moving forward.